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Hi I’m Jen, I’m an event photographer who loves capturing the exciting moments for people to always look back on. My passion for photographer started as junior in high school.

I was professionally trained at Orange Coast College where I earned a photo Certificate and Associates degree and at Cal State Fullerton where I received a Bachelors in PhotoCommunications with a minor in Film.

My inspirations come from people, daydreaming, and experiences. The people that inspire me are my close friends and my family such as my mom who always had arts and crafts projects for us to be apart of.


Thanks for stopping by and can’t wait to be apart of your future event.




Client List:

Fisher&Paykel,                      Mike Thompson RV

Anaheim YMCA                     Puppet Mayhem

Pencilbox Studio                   Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival

Shockfest                              WestEdge Design Fair

Kaboom                                Scare La

Hundred Acre                       Stella Artois

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